Blogging…. ?!


I was inspired by a lot of Ultimate Frisbee players to start this blog, even though my “career” of Ultimate is not long comparing to many others, it just a couple weeks ago when I started to throw an OI that I am satisfied with, but what makes me different is that I have been going through a path of ultimate that most players don’t occur in.

My name is Jenny, and I am a freshman in high school. I was born in Hong Kong and moved to Shanghai, China when I was 6. Afterwards, I spent eight years in Shanghai, studying in international schools and a bilingual school. I came across with Ultimate for the first time during my first year in middle school, when I was 12.

Ultimate is growing fast in China, but still, not many people know this sport. Not to mention the scene of youth playing Ultimate under the pressure of GaoKao (Chinese AP/ IB/ A-level) and going into the top universities. I am fortunate to be in a different route than these kids, and can somehow pursue my own interests and passion.

This blog will be about everything about me and Ultimate- how I know this sport, my coaches, my true experiences, Chinese Ultimate, and so on. In addition to my opinions on current affairs.

This blog is dedicated to people who dedicated themselves to the most amazing sport on earth— Ultimate Frisbee.


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