Escaping from ‘Reality’


[Picture showing a section of the refugee camp 10 minutes walk from where we stayed]

It has been three weeks since I am back from Ghana, and there is still so much going on in my mind about Ghana. Ghana stays in your blood.
It does.
Throughout the trip, I constantly questioned myself ‘what am I even doing?’ People wish to go to school in Ghana while people in my year is paid 400 pounds for an A*. Some students walk 30minutes to school while people complain walking down from a house further away (max 10 minutes). Students never will encounter technology while teenagers beg for the newest iPhone every year. People wish for fresh water while people complain that the clean tap water isn’t “cold” and “fresh” enough.

What is wrong with the world? 24 hours 365 days, I feel so grateful for where I am and how I live. I feel like I can do so much more to the world and stop living in this developed village in the southern England where things are just too… simple.

What is wrong with me? The norm teenager will do everything to get the newest technology, hang out and go partying with friends after school, get the trending makeup and fashion while getting top grades.

I see myself submerging in a small unknown village in India, tasting Indian spice’s, learning to speak Hindi, teaching locals villagers and kids frisbee, exchanging cultures and involving myself in the experience.

Many people think that I am just escaping from reality. It’s true and so not true at the same time. The reality is that 68% of the Indian’s population lives in the rural areas. The world is around 50-50.

I just think there is so much more I can do to this world.

I just want to go out there, leave everything behind this hectic side of the world, and step out of my comfort zone as much as possible.


[The calmness before the waves]


[Where does it take you to?]


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