Writing from the hill for the first time

It’s 9 pm, Sunday night. Many people are probably rushing through assignments, trying to meet deadlines. Some, who either proudly submitted their work or have no work to submit or simply do not bother to submit are sitting in the common room/coffee shop/social centre, trying to make the most out of the social aspect of MUWCI life.

I arrived back from homestay this morning. It was a truly amazing experience to live with an Indian family in a village 5km away from school for around 20 hours. I could have written another thousand words on the experience, but I think it will mean more when you first hand experience it. We came back just in time for Sunday brunch, which is the BEST meal of the week. Crepes/Dosa, Pasta, Omelette, Chicken… five plates for the first brunch (11am), 2 plates for the second brunch (1pm). This is basically how I survived for the rest of the day.

Since I was very sick before homestay, my energy level was very low. I um… overslept a little and missed out the first part of Kriya Frisbee. Kriya is a program that empowers girls from the nearby villages by introducing them to fitness and sports. Since Ultimate can be a mixed gender sport, it’s very useful in terms of bringing girls and boys together in the nearby villages and trying to remove the split between the genders. This is very interesting for me because back in China and Hong Kong, we tried to create a women team in Ultimate in order to emphasise gender equality. However, the limited amount of girls from nearby villages that show up meant that creating a girls team will be a lot harder. This is also more about mixing girls and boys together, playing a sport that really, no ones here know how to play here.

Ultimate Frisbee follows Kriya Frisbee immediately. There are usually 20 people (staff, students and staff’s children) who show up every Sunday afternoon, on the muddy football field and play Ultimate together. Although very muddy, in addition to the crabs that might or might not bite you in every step you take, everyone is so ENTHUSIASTIC. It reminds of playing pick-up back home. Although skills levels are very low her but simply playing it every weekend, I could see that everyone is improving so much in terms of how they throw and work as a team. Mud makes it super slippery, with occasional layouts, but mud also makes it more fun than on turf/grass.

Everything has gone by so quickly, as school officials kick starts tomorrow. My subjects are more or less confirmed, despite how I still wanted to do Economics over History. English essay is due in a little over 24 hours, but with Night School and Chinese for Beginners for tomorrow night, I probably should go on and work on my essay.

Writing from the hill where it is pouring down with rain,



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