My MUWCI life

You start off the day by determining if you have the energy to prepare coffee for the first block.
You attempt not to cry and survive through the long block, plus every single block of the day.
You look up food from your friends’ countries in the science lab when the teacher has already told you guys to shut up for a thousand times.
You sleep for two hours after school instead of the one hour sleep you were planning to get.
You feel helpless when people can go to fire service, and you are in this love-hate relationship with the pool due to your knee injuries (yes both knees).
You determine if the dinner is good or not, by measuring how long the queue in the caf is.
You go to the coffee shop pre/post check-in, to buy a chocolate tart for motivation but also to give yourself an excuse to procrastinate.
You occupy someone else’s room post check-in, to ask about math, but turns into a conversation about nothing, that forces the owner to kick you out of his room.
You eat more than half of the noodles someone else’s cook for you at midnight, and start talking deep as fuck shit in the common room and keep on procrastinating.
You stay in the common room till 2am to finish this 700 words English assignment you have been working on since 6pm, excluding procrastination.
You listen to music and try to figure out what you are exactly doing with your life, but then realize you are doing nothing.

Where walls are mountains, where you drink coffee like water, where there is an over-obsession with the word ‘like’, where you do this weird Indian head shake to represent yes/no/maybe, and where you call it home for the next two years.
Welcome to my MUWCI life.


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