1 Over, 3 To Go

The first term is officially over.

My first memory of MUWCI was seeing that 5km sign in Paud when I suddenly realise that I was in India. Somehow time has managed to sneak past us and I am now writing this from home (Hong Kong).

It has been an amazing first term and I could not have asked for any more or less from this term. I simply cannot describe the amount of experience I have been through. I got used to the random electricity cut-offs, the bombardment of L&L assignments, frogs in the bathroom when trying to take a shower (regardless of hot or cold), the slowest wifi ever and billions of other things that I despise but kinda miss it now (to a certain extent).

It’s good to have a break.

IB seriously is only the one out of the million things that are happening in MUWCI, though it is heavily weighted.

I remember climbing up the internet hill for the first time with my friends to the ‘edge of the world’; When I walked back from dinner and saw people throwing a frisbee around in the Wada next to mine; All the fire service sessions which I ran up and down the hill or towards the Sacred Grove; Going to the treehouse; Watching a foggy sunrise on Internet hill or seeing the sunset with my goggles on in the pool. These are all the physical experience I went through that triggered a ‘wow’ moment in my head, making me not regret to come to India at all.

However, there are these moments where you question yourself ‘Why the fuck did you choose India?’

Demonetization throughout the entire India making MUWCI a cashless society for a few weeks. Everyone struggled to buy anything from anywhere (including the coffee shop). Sitting on a jeep for three hours to and from FRO (police registration) and waited there for another three hours to sign your signature three times on a piece of paper. The isolation of the campus means that you barely get any good food unless you have the effort to leave campus, which I often lack. Oh, and the worst are the delays and empty promises people have all the time, just cause we are in India.

The interactions with people are extraordinary.

Yes, there are cliques. There are ‘squads’. Asians (excluding Indians), Indians, Whites, Africans, Chinese, Latinos, people tend to hang out with people from their own country or similar cultures. However, it is still the diversity that has driven us together. I have found out so many things from other people about their cultures. In return, I answered weird questions about Hong Kong in ways that I would have never thought of before coming to MUWCI. I don’t want to go all PNC (TOK MUWCI version), but you don’t actually realise how much you have learned from others until you randomly mentioned a random fact your friend from a random country told you.

It’s incredibly crazy how close you get with people. Midnight small talks & cookings, invading rooms and courtyards almost every day (often without a reason), studying/procrastinating/motivating each other at 1:30 am, winging FOA together. You feel comfortable spitting everything to them- literally everything. When tears drop, a group hug is followed, then puns are made with immediately counselling service from them. I have no idea how I could have survived this term without them. 

1/4 of the MUWCI experience is over. There’s already this fear of second and third term, but mostly, the fear of leaving this place full of wonderful people you have bonded so well with. The hugs you give to people before you leave for Winter break will be nothing comparing the tears you have when graduation approaches.

With infinite amount of love,

Jen ❤


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