Priorities ?

I have gotten into the routine of complaining here. The countless amount of work I have to do, not just for IB, but for MUWCI, in general, is crazy. I have a list of twenty plus things that I need to do, some big ones, some small ones, but all very time-consuming. 

Last Thursday was the Indian Republic Day, also a change of pace day in MUWCI. Basically, the concept is that us, students and faculties would take a day off and do different things. Obviously, that didn’t happen for some of us, including me. I was told on Monday that I should go to an Economics catch up class on the morning of change of pace day, 10 am, more precisely. 

I spent the Wednesday night chilling with some of my closest friends here till very late. I guess that’s what a lot of people do when there’s a free day on the following day. These midnight conversations are some of the best memories I have in MUWCI. We talk, listen to music, dream, judge, spit all of our emotions out. 

After coming back from winter break, I spent two whole weeks studying till 1 am every day. I lost count of socialising, but instead focus a lot on the upcoming SAT. As predicted, I fucked it up, but what I have realised, not just getting a shit score, is that I have missed hanging out with my friends so much. I miss talking to people during Check-in (when your Wada parent checks that everyone is still alive), going to my closest friend’s room, hanging around in the courtyard. You realise how much universities, scores, IB started to haunt you, but also how important it’s to find a balance between life here. 

I have 4 ’S’- Sleep, Study, Sports, Social. Over the past two weeks, I have managed to put all 4s into my daily life, but getting a lower score on the Sleep and Social parts. I woke up at 6:30/7:30 to go for a run every morning, then I do fire service in the afternoon that takes into account of sports. Study starts from 9:30 pm to almost 1 am every day, but sometimes also fitting in one or two study sessions in the afternoon depending on the amount of trivenis. Social- Saturday night counts. Sleep- five to six hours (optimistically) every day. 

Yes I die, I was zombie liked, but I picked myself up after SAT. I started crossing off things that have accumulated on my to-do list in the past weeks, if not months. 

One advice for future first years is definitely thinking about what you want to get out of MUWCI. Do you want to focus on studying? Do you want to focus on services? Do you want to focus on talking to people around you? 

I guess it’s not that easy to make up your mind, but for me at least, I want to talk to people and treasure these small talk moments. I don’t want my MUWCI experience to be for getting into uni. Trust me, when you get here, you feel all those pressure of getting good grades and doing things for uni, but just make it your experience. 

Everyone experience their MUWC life differently. Sometimes, giving up one thing opens up another opportunity in life that you would have never imagined. As economics have taught us, every decision has an opportunity cost. 


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