UWC Journey

I think if you click into here, there is 75% chance that you know what’s the UWC movement is about. Here are bullet points description on the United World Colleges movement:

  • There are currently 16 schools around the world involved in the UWC movement, from Swaziland to Singapore, Germany to Hong Kong

  • Each college consists of around 50 to 80 different nationalities across all continents (except for Antarctica)

  • Students are chose base on merits and potential, regardless of social, economic or cultural backgrounds. Definitely not purely on academics!

  • Many students are awarded scholarships (full or partial)

  • Most colleges only consists students for the IBDP program

  • You apply through your national committee and go through a LONG  (well at least for Hong Kong) application process

  • You can be sent to study in any UWC around the world!